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Tips for Elderly CareGivers

It is tough to care for your loved elderly ones when he/she suffers from dementia, Alzheimer’s, Stroke. It has become most difficult when your loved ones fail to recognize the spouse or his children.

These tips will help you for Elderly Care


1. Know the disease. Know the disease. The remedy and what you can expect. The chances of cure and the cost of treatment.


2. Breaking down the tasks. Break the task you need to do. It may be your loved one that may be fixed in one thought and maybe asking some questions number of times. Just answer it as he/she asked it the first time.


3. Attend Support Group. Enrol yourself with a support group of caregivers. Attend their meetings. Feel that you are not alone. Thousands’ others are walking on the same road.


4. It is OK to be frustrated or become angry some times. You are also human. Don’t feel guilty. Improve yourself. Not only elders but take care of yourself also.


5. Laugh. Smile. Find the joy even the smallest things. Laugh and try to make laugh your loved ones.


6. Seek Help from Competent Professionals. There is no shame to ask for help from competent professionals. Those know things better.


7. Give Care as you like to receive. Give care to your elders as you would like to receive.


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