Best Elderly Care In Kolkata.

Points To Remember

Ageing is difficult to accept. It involves many challenges. Firstly you need to accept that you are no more capable of doing everything which you used to do earlier. You need the help of others for doing day to day job. An elderly person knows how it is difficult to choose an elderly caregiver.

Next comes finding people who can assist you with many daily needs. Many senior citizens do not want to leave their home. They don’t want to stay in Nursing Homes/Hospitals.

There are many services you need to choose from. SB Elderly caregivers or your family caregivers can ensure that you are treated well with personal care.

1. Medication Assistance:

Family caregivers are best for any senior citizen. However, professional caregivers ensure that you take medicines as per prescription and on time. A professional caregiver ensure the medication you require is measured and administered at the right time.

2. Home Cleaning:

After Medication, the next important thing for elders is to have a neat and clean home. At senior age, it becomes difficult to clean the home neatly.
Hence, one can opt for Home cleaning service. A caregiver gives you all types of support to maintain neatness and cleanness.

3. Financial Assistance

It is not counted but one of the most needs of elders is getting financial assistance. Many of times they need to visit Post Office, Banks and other institutions for money transfers and to receive it from banks etc.
You need assistance for filling up taxes or looking after your properties/estates.

4. Hygiene Assistance for Elders

As you age, routine activities become difficult. It becomes difficult to brush your teeth, taking bath and moving from one place to another. There are many basics functions which you need assistance.
Regular health care by professional will help you get rid of such problems.

5. Cooking for Elders

The health of elderly persons depends on diet. It is difficult to prepare food on their own selves. They may not be able to plan their foods as per dietary needs.

A caregiver may plan food as per the dietary requirement of a senior citizen. Based on the health situation, The caregivers may plan the right meal for you and cook the foods. And obviously caregivers will help you to have foods at the right time.

6. Assistance when you go to other places

An elderly person needs to move out of his home for a medical reason, for shopping, for withdrawing money to post office and bank, and other places. Many times he/she needs assistance to travel or to move. Professional Caregiver may sort out this problem by assisting you and travelling along with you.


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