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Common Problems of Elders

Elders when reaches at the age of 60, he/she has already retired from his job. Businessman starts planning to hand over to his/her legacy to the next generation.

At this time the elderly person wishes to live his life peacefully, wants to slow down and relax the rest of his/her life.

It can be golden years of life but it has many challenges. At elderly age, the person goes through many problems what he/she had never expected.

Although each one has different problems, a few common problems are discussed here.


1. Physical and Mental Health.


The first problem arises when your most trusted body, do not perform well as expected. As a rule of nature, deterioration of everything is absolute. So your body. Due to age,  muscles and bones start weakening. We lose our eyesight and hearing and mobility is also restricted in many cases.

Senior also suffers from dementia and Alzheimer. Due to various health-related factor, at least 25% of elders need an assistant for his day to day life.

It becomes difficult to accept declining health conditions.

Mental health also starts declining. The thinking ability and grasping new ideas also decreases. Most of the times it becomes difficult to accept a new thing. It is not easy to become comfortable with new technology.

After all, fearing of independence scares every elder.


2. Healthcare Costs Of Elders


Seniors have more health issues, so they need more health care.

They are affected by a little change of climate. Senior visits more to Doctor’s chamber and stay in Hospitals.

Health care is not free. Govt Hospitals are overloaded with huge patients. The only option is private health care. Visiting private medical practitioners and private hospitals has a huge cost. Medical professions are no longer a noble profession where service is the main motto. It has become a hugely profitable business.

Most of the elders do not have such saving to bear the cost of medical care.  So their health care is being neglected due to the huge cost.


3. Financial Security


Medical care for the elderly makes a family poor. When older adults become poor, the next generation in many cases also become poor due to less job opportunity and business environment.

After retirement, most seniors lived in fixed pension or income. The fixed income gradually loses its value due to the increasing cost of everything and repetitive health problems. As they age, they are not able to afford the same medical care due to the increasing cost of medical care.


4. Social Isolation and Loneliness


Elders have less opportunity to mingle with others and less social engagement with compares to the younger generation.

They retire, children move away from them to settle down elsewhere due to job and business. Eventually, the death of one of the spouses makes thing worse.

Their movement becomes restricted within the home. These all factors increase their anxiety, depression, hypertension, blood pressure and many other old-age ailments.

In spite of many problems an elder’s faces, loneliness is the main reason makes them unhappy.


5. Elder Abuse


When one becomes elder, he starts losing everything. The strength of body, mental alertness and control over his family and children.

Sadly, they become a victim of abuse by his own relatives.  Many times they are abused by their own children and even by health caregivers.

Be close to your loved ones. It can prevent them from being abused. It will help them to live longer and happily.


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