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GOD Exist and I Do Feel Him

Is Really God Exists?

There are many those do not believe in God. They have many reasons to believe that God does not exist.

Few explanations for not believing in God existence are like that if God exists then why so much trouble for human beings, why there are so many sufferings, poverty and other things.


Understanding God


I feel God does exist and you can also feel Him. But before that, we need to understand Him.

We must agree that we are made of physical Body and Soul. The body cannot function without the soul. Nor body can feel anything without a soul.

The same way the soul cannot do anything without the help of the body. Body and soul come together when birth takes place and continue to live together and are inseparable till death.

A soul cannot be proved. The soul is only to be felt.


How God Looks


God does not have a physical body. So he does not come in the cycle of birth and death. Hence, He is absolutely pure.

In Hindu mythology and in other religions also we address Him as our God Father.  We address him as The Supreme Father.


How We Address Him as Our Father?


How someone can be called father when we do not know how he looks? When he does not take birth then how he can be our father. Yes, he is not our physical father but soul father.

We all are his children.  We are His sweet children. He loves us without any condition and without any expectation. We may be wrong or right but his love is unconditional. He loves us equally irrespective of our religion, caste, and colour.


Compare Him with Biological Father


Just think how much we are loved by our biological father. Our biological father loves us very much, he is always there to support his children and to cater to children’s every need as per his capacity.

If one biological father, who has many limitations, still can do so much for his children then think about the Supreme Father.  We are all children of God. He is limitless. He loves us infinitely. Then why we do not feel God?


Why We Don’t Feel God’s Existence


We do not feel him because of these reasons.


1.     Not Understanding God


Firstly, we do not understand him. We search for him everywhere. We search him in Temple, Mosque, Church and everywhere including in human being.  Sometimes we find God in someone or in something.

This is absolutely wrong. God cannot be everywhere and in every human being.

If God is everywhere then why should we search him?   No one can be God. He is supreme and He is the ocean of Kindness, ocean of knowledge and ocean of every virtue.  He is absolutely pure and perfect. So nobody can be like God. But few can achieve any particular good quality nearer to God.



2.   Not Making Any Relationship 


We do not make any relation with Him. Even if we make any relationship we do not maintain it.

As an example, after marriage boy and girl perform their duties and responsibility until they are not separated by Divorce or Death. Parents take care of a child without being asked for. But in the case of God, we have created only Giver and Taker relationship with Him.

He is not our physical father but we address him as Father or God Father because he is the father of our soul. We pray to him but never tried to understand what God wants from his children nor we have ever tried to listen to what He wants to tell us.

We do not know whether our prayers reach to Him or not. If our prayers are answered with the fulfilment of our demand we do sometimes feel that God exists. But when next time our demand is not full filled we doubt in his existence.


3.   Following Rituals Without Knowing The Reason Behind It


We follow rituals without knowing the purpose of it. We perform it as our culture said it or as per our customs.

Some rituals are told by the priest, hermits, religious Heads or written in Holy Scriptures. I do agree that what is written in Holy Scriptures and told by religious heads are hundred per cent true and accurate but that’s are as per their feelings and understanding.



When we go to the doctor, the doctor may prescribe different medicines for the same diseases depending upon the past history of each patient and reaction to particular medicines.

Same way, what is told or practised is true and accurate for someone who wrote it but may not be as useful for others. We each one is different, everyone’s suffering is different and so the rituals.


How to feel God Existence?


Feel as a soul. Believe that you are a soul working through the body. You being soul are the commander of all organs. Body and senses work as per your instruction.


Example:  Imagine you are eating through your mouth and like that every sense is working on your instruction.

You as a soul is different than your body. Try to separate yourself from the body. Feel that you are flying high leaving your body and seeing your body from above. You are meeting sky, going beyond Moon, above Sun, farther than stars and meeting God at his place.


Exercise to Feel The God

If you practice this exercise you will feel light. Do exercise that you are the point of light. God is also a point of light but complete white with absolute purity.

Now when you are meeting with GOD, feel you are before him. His light is coming to you and feels him. As you feel besides the lake or river. Not asking anything but feeling coolness due to flowing water of a river or lake.

Don’t tell anything to him. Just be in front of him being the point of light. Feel him

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