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Fall of Seniors/Elders

Thousands of seniors fall down every year due to various reasons.  Falls are leading causes of fatal and non-fatal injuries among elders especially those who have crossed 65 years of age.

The statistics are as follows:

  • 20-30%seniors those fall down suffers from various injuries including head trauma, broken bones, and other wounds
  • 13% of elders fall due to medication effects like dizziness or vertigo.
  • In America, each year 1 in 4 elders aged above 65 years fall down
  • An older adult treated for fall in every 11 seconds
  • An elder dies in every 19 minutes due to fall


Types of Fall


There are several reasons for falling down by elders. The following are the most common reason for falling down.

Reasons for Falling Down By Elders


Environmental Reason

It is due to cluttered living space at and around the bed. We have seen many times that the living space of elders are not neat and clean and things are scattered here and there. The unorganised things are the one of the reasons for falling down.



Health-based falls can be identified as Medication side effects. When health deteriorates the elders may fall down.


Chronic condition

The sudden change of Blood sugar level and change in blood pressure may cause for falling down.


Sudden Turn of Events

Sudden or occasional events. It may be due to loss of closed relatives including spouse or loss of finance may cause for falling down.


Factors Determine Fall of Elders


1.   Vision Change

Change in one’s vision can cause for falling down of elders.


2.  Balance Issue

Due to the shifting of body weight in one leg

Walking and getting down from upstairs

Tying shoes can cause Balance issues


3.  New Medication of Elders


Side effects of a new medication.

Dizziness for medication


4. Chronic Health Conditions


Cardiovascular disease or Parkinson’s disease


5. Cognitive Impairment


Disease like Alzheimer’s and dementia cause postural instability and balance issues.

    Head trauma can also cause Cognitive Impairment


    6.  Poor Home Safety

    Cluttered living place

    Excessive items covered in living space


    Consequences of Falls

    The consequences of falls by the elderly person may vary from person to person and depends upon the gravity of injuries. The general consequences are:

    • Headache
    • Nausea
    • Memory Loss
    • Brain injury
    • Confusion
    • Bladder incontinence
    • Balance issues

    The symptoms may appear suddenly or after a week or later. These also sometimes results in

    • Social isolation
    • Decreased independence
    • Decreases in strength and endurance
    • Increased risk for further injuries from falling

    How to Prevent Falls By Elders

    It may not possible to eliminate chances of falling entirely but we can take effective preventive actions.


    1.  Get Periodical Check-Up


    Periodical checking of vision and hearing of elders may prevent falling down. Consultation with Medical Practitioners with reference earlier health history with medical prescription will reduce the risk of falling down.


    2. Stay Active and Healthy


    Encourage elders to do low impact exercises to keep balance, reflexes, muscles, and bones sharp.

    Eating healthy food rich in calcium and Vitamin D reduces bone loss and bone fractures.


    3. Removing all tripping hazards from each room


    Removal of slippery surfaces reduces the chance of falling down.


    4.  Lighten Up


    The dark areas of the home may brighten up. Most of the cases the elders have limited visions and which is normal light for a younger person, it may not be same for elder persons.


    5.   Use assistive devices for elders


    Uses of assistive devices for a walk can reduce the fall.

    Where ever possible non-slip stair treads, handrails, and other assisted device helps to reduce falling down.


    Is there any other reasons for falling down by seniors/elders.


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