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Senior Citizen & Their Problems


Seniors suffers due to their ageing. The ageing process of human is normal. Ageing is a complex process. Ageing affects physically, Mentally, financially, psychologically, and socially.

Senior citizens mean those have completed 60 years and above.

The main problem of senior citizens is poverty. Most of the senior citizens in India had worked in unorganized sectors in their youth.  They are not covered by any health scheme and do not have pensions. The absence of regular income from pensions or savings has an adverse effect on their quality of life.

Most of the cases the seniors are left with no money or very little money for them. This results in difficulty to meet with their basic needs. They suffer from malnutrition, depression, and mantle confusion.

In addition to these problems, senior women face discrimination and neglect from their families.


Problems of Senior Citizens in India


Old age is a natural process. In developed countries, policymakers have taken serious note of these issues and formulating policies for the betterment of senior citizens. India is facing several challenges in this front.

India has already gripped by many problems like weak growth of the economy, weak pension system, poor medical infrastructures in Hospitals and overcharging by private hospitals. Lack of political will to uplift the conditions of senior citizens makes things worse.

The following basic problems faced by seniors in Kolkata and India.

1.  Medical Problem

2. Economic Problem

3.  Housing Problems

4. Social Problems

5. Psychological problems


Medical Problems Faced By Seniors


Health problem is the most problem faced by every single senior citizen.  Seniors are more prone to fall ill than younger generations due to poor immunity. We often see that senior is suffering from multiple illnesses and prolong sickness.

Besides physical problems, senior citizen suffers from mental health. Mental disorders are very much associated with old age. The decline in mental ability makes them dependent.


Economic Problem


One of the common problems faced by seniors is financial insecurity. The widowed, disable, uneducated, and poor faces more economic problems.

The cost of health care for senior citizens is increasing each day. The attitude of looting by private nursing homes and hospitals make thing worse for senior citizens.

Due to the loosening of the social bonds day by day, the sons do not take care of their parents nowadays. It may be due to the change in social behaviour or may be due to poor economic conditions of sons. In many cases, they feel spending on parents’ health care is wasting of money, which can be used for other reasons.


Social Problems


Ageing marks the transition from one role to another role. Once they used to be key decision-makers in family and in society sees their role changed to just a spectator. Many times after retirement they do not have any control over their family and the younger generation do not bother to take advice from seniors. It makes them feel the loss of status, unworthiness, and loneliness.

Senior citizens suffer social losses due to their age which makes their movement restricted. Their social life is narrowed down due to the death of friends, spouses, relatives and associates.

Due to the loss of most of the social roles they have once played, they become isolated and confined to home premises. The isolation and change in the interpersonal relationship make them lonely and depression comes easily.


Psychological Problems of Seniors


The psychological problems are very common to senior citizens.  The reason for psychological problems are

  • Feeling of powerlessness
  • Feeling of inferiority
  • Depression
  • Usefulness
  • Isolation from near and dear ones
  • Reduced competence


The number of people in old age homes is increasing day by day. Many elders feel to stay in old age homes rather staying with their children. Lack of care,  emotional support from the family makes them turn to old age homes.




In our country, elder people are considered as most revered members of our society but in practicality, we treat them in the opposite way. We forget that each one of us will reach at the old stage but hardly we realise that.  Even in public transport where ever seats are earmarked for senior, we do not bother to offer that seats to our elders. We do not understand that whatever things we are enjoying today and the progress of society due to the sacrifice of these old people.

The new law can not change the society but our understanding that they deserve respect at their own right. Because there are the ones who gave us such a beautiful world.


References: International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Research



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