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Elderly Care

Elderly Care

Activities for Senior Citizen

Senior citizen loses their normal mobility Due to age and various diseases. Above 70 years old senior citizen need to exercise regularly to keep their mobility. Sometimes various disease like stroke,  arthritis, injuries can restrict their movements.

When such things happen their hobbies and daily workouts are affected. They lose their freedom.

But losing limited mobility does not mean the end of good times for senior citizen. Still, they can enjoy many things and live a happy life.

Let us find out activities for senior citizen with restricted mobility.

Explore Hobbies

Hobbies are a passion for life. At a young age, many of us are busy pursuing a career. So we do not have much time to follow our passion or hobbies. But when you are old you have enough time to follow your hobby.

This is the time when you can learn many things out of love. Without much mobility, you can learn a musical instrument. You can learn cooking, gardening, bird watching and more. If you love you can write a book on your specialised subject. There are many famous writers those had started their writing in their retired life.

Regular Exercise

There are many exercises that can be done regularly by a senior citizen. Breathing exercise and some freehand exercise may be done regularly. This will give very good sleep. Some Yoga can also be added in daily activities.

The best of all is walking. Try to walk 10-15 minutes at least regularly and if possible in an open place.

Regular Adda With Senior Citizen

Regular adda with your age group will keep you happy and motivated.

Have you ever noticed that the older people in villages are happier than their counterpart in cities? Because senior citizen in the village area are more social and have regular adda with their groups. So they keep themselves busy.

Adda with same age group will give you the opportunity to discuss your physical, mental and financial problem. Being in the same age group they will understand your problem better than your family and relatives.

Play Games

You can play online or offline games.

Playing cards is a common game that most seniors do. Playing Ludo or other games where physical activities are limited can very well be played by seniors.

Ther are many more online games a senior can play.

Help Your Family In Doing Some Job

You can engage yourself in helping family activities. There are many jobs where you can contribute.

Especially you can help to rear up young kids. Kids need a grandfather and grandmother. You can play with kids and some times may share your experience. This will bring happiness all around.

Devote your time to Spiritual activities

In India,  you can very well devote your time to spiritual activities. Visit local Temples, Churches etc. whenever you get time.

Spend your time in front of TV/Media

The best time pass for seniors is spending time seeing TV serials, news etc. There re plenty of materials on TV, and social media to keep you busy.

Just keep yourself busy and contribute whatever you can do. You can contribute your time, knowledge, money and anything. When you contribute you will not feel left out.

Please write if anything is missed out.

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