1 Minute Solution To Solve All Problems
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One Minute Solution To All Of Your Problems

Solve Your Problems Taking One Minute Break Each Hour

It is very easy to get a solution to your problems. You need just one minute every hour to solve all of your problems.



Make a list of your all problems

Believe that God is the source of all power in this world.

Connect with Him and take power from the Supreme Power/God. Connect means think of Him and you are connected.

Energize yourself with the power of Supreme Power.

Example: As you charge your mobile from the source of power the same way energize yourself from the infinite power of God/Supreme soul.


Take a break in every hour for One minute from your job.

Be silent and keep quiet.

Check your thought pattern

Tell your mind that you are not going to accept the negative thought. Only positive thought will be accepted.

Still, if any negative thoughts coming, tell your mind that this is not the right time for worry. We will think it at 8 P.M. or any other time what you feel suitable.

Feel that you are powerful enough to solve your problems. Visualize that your problem is over.

Visualize that with the power of the Supreme soul / God all your problem is vanishing. Through the power of God, you have become stronger to overcome your problems.

Before starting any new job takes a minute break. Be silent. Take power from Supreme power. You will perform better after a one-minute break.

If possible after the completion of your job also takes one minutes break. Thanks, everybody in your mind those is with you for a job or task.

Inculcate Following Habits:-

It will be better if you follow these Practices to find a solution:-

Get Up Early and Think Positive:

Get up early in the morning, preferably between 4 A.M. to 5 A.M.  Keep one hour reserve for you. After getting up from bed, thank God for giving you a gift of a new day. Thinks only positive. Remember your early thought is very powerful. If you feel and think negative, probably you will not be able to overcome your problems. Feel your desires are being fulfilled by the grace of God. (Please remember your desires will be fulfilled if it is legitimate. An illegitimate desire is fulfilled at a huge cost. You may pay it today or tomorrow or after many years or even in your next life).

Don’t Read New Paper

Do not read any newspaper within the first one hour after getting up. Because nowadays newspapers or news channel give wide publicity of negative news only. Negative news early in the morning will make you feel heavy and your internal happiness will be reduced.

Take Break Every Hour

Take a break every after 59 minutes. Be silent. Let your mind be cool.

No Disturbance of Mind Before Sleeping| Get Solution

Don’t allow your mind to sleep with any kind of disturbances. Never think of your problems or disease before going to sleep. If your mind is filled with negativity before sleeping, then your mind will absorb the negativity throughout the night and will sit on it. So when you will get up in the morning, you will find that your problem has become bigger.

Distance Yourself Before Sleeping from Social Media

10 minutes before going to sleep detach yourself from your mobile, news, and social media. Again thank God, thanks to everyone who has made the day good, and forgive everyone who caused you pain. Silently think of them and ask forgiveness if you caused any harm to anyone and if someone caused you hard forgive him.


Reference: BK Shivani https://www.youtube.com/bkshivani



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