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Should We Live for Today or Tomorrow?

This is most confusing in life.

Many people say that Live as if you are going to die today. Live to the fullest as there is no tomorrow. Don’t worry about Tomorrow and Yesterday. You have to live for today only because it is the only present. Past will not come back and the future may not be as we predict.

I do feel this is very good on paper.

What will happen if you be alive tomorrow?

What will happen if you be alive tomorrow? Then you have to face the consequences of your past action and decision you had taken yesterday.

What do many people do to secure tomorrow?

  • They work for 12- 16 hours a day.
  • Save each penny they can by reducing essential expenditure.
  • Save money in the bank, invest in shares and they do health insurance etc.
  • They even break up with their loved one to save money.

Because they want their life shall be better than today.

Our Today’s Decision Based on Our Sub-conscious Mind

However, one thing may be remembered that the decision we are taking today may be based on our subconscious mind. And we do not have control over it.

If we observe minutely we will find that a lot of people are not following this.

A poor man just wants to feed himself and his family for the day before sleeping off for the night. He will see what he can the next day after the sun rises. People, with greed, cheat today without worrying about the consequences tomorrow. Some may be caught but many won’t. He is willing to cheat today for benefits.

Ultimate Truth of Life

But if you know the ultimate truth that you were never born nor you will die either. What you do repeatedly it becomes your Sanskar. Your sanskaras become a nature of your soul and the same is carried to next birth.

The real you is beyond time, beyond past, present, future. It just exists. Why do concern about those little things, the problem of the future only exists in the material mind? The problem of the future exists only for those who are governed by others thought process.

As I do believe do not sacrifice your entire today for the sake of tomorrow.

In my opinion, learn from your past, give your best today, so your future becomes better than today.

Know the spiritual formula. What you do it will come back to you. So do good today and get a better result tomorrow. This is called the Karmic Account.


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