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There are two things in the world is the most powerful.  First, one is a Belief system. Through your belief, you can make it impossible to happen. Next one is Fear. Fear of anything will make you lose. Fear gives the birth of worry.

The person who has learned to live without worry is a fortunate person.

What is worry?

It is a mental habit of thinking negatively and fearing that some undesirable thing will happen.  It is a destructive mental habit.


How habit of worry comes?

We are born happy and without any worry. Later we acquire it.  This negative habit is the outcome of insecurity in mind.

I feel worried is planted by our parents unknowingly.

Examples :

Many of our parents will tell his child, “Son, don’t do this thing. If you do then God will punish you”. “Do not go outside alone in the night you will be caught by a ghost”.  “If you do this thing your Daddy will not spare you”. Like so many fear factors are instilled by adults. So when the child grows up the fear factors goes off but fear in mind for everything continence to occupy space in mind.  So when the child is grown up either he will be a rebellion of everything or he will inculcate the habit of worrying.

Our parents do this just for the betterment of their children but unknowingly they do harm to their children.


Is worry has any good effect?


Normal fear of mind may be healthy to some extent instil by our religion to protect us from doing any sin.


The effect of worry

Worry kills. It may not kill you in one go but it will kill you slowly and surely. This will damage your body parts. The worry may cause you one and more than one disease.

List of Diseases caused by it

  1. Abdominal Cramps
  2. Amnesia
  3. Appendicitis
  4. Appetite: Excess
  5. Appetite: Loss of Appetite
  6. Asthma: Babies and children
  7. Lower Back Problems
  8. Baldness
  9. Belching
  10. Body odour
  11. Bowels problems
  12. Car Sickness
  13. Colon
  14. Chronic Diseases
  15. Cold Sores(Fever Blisters) Festering angry words and fear of expressing them
  16. Coma
  17. Cramps
  18. Diarrhoea- Fear
  19. Dysentery
  20. Eye Problem: Nearsighted(Myopia)
  21. Fainting
  22. Fistula
  23. Headaches: Migraine Headache.
  24. Peptic Ulcer
  25. Stomach Problems
  26. Ulcers
  27. Haemorrhoids:
  28. Hyperactivity
  29. Inflammation:
  30. Ulcers
  31. Insomnia
  32. Leg problems- Lower:
  33. Lump in Throat
  34. Menopause Problems
  35. Nausea
  36. Nervousness
  37. Paralysis
  38. Parkinson’s disease
  39. Peptic Ulcer
  40. Respiratory Ailments
  41. Spastic Colitis
  42. Tonsillitis


How to overcome worry habit?

  1. Assess the Situation: Firstly you need to assess the situation completely. Try to assess each piece of information.
  2. i) Write down the problem. You need to assess the situation. Write down the problems in a piece of paper.
  3. ii) Gather information about the subject: Next step is gathering the information. Get all the information about the subject. We need to find out different sources of information. We generally tend to gather the information which is similar to our preconceived mind. Gathering of information should be done neutrally without any predetermined mindset and any emotion.

To get the information we need to detach ourselves from the subject. Feel that you are gathering information for somebody else.

4.  Analyse the information

Analyse the information


1.  What I can do in this situation

Find out what you can do in this situation. If any things in your control you do that. When not in your control leaves it in the hand of GOD.

2.  Take Decision

You need to make a decision. Better if you write your decision on a piece of paper.

3.  Work on your Decision

Now work on your decision.

4.  Surrender yourself to GOD.

Surrender yourself to God. God loves us unconditionally. He will do the best for the situation.

Assure and repeat in mind that “I can change the situation with the help of God”. God will do best for me.

5.  Change of your Mindset. Practise a stronger habit of faith.

Worrying is a bad mental habit. So change it with a stronger positive belief.

6.  Believe and Pray.

First, believe in God. Believe he can do no wrong.

7.  Stop inflow of negative information early in the morning.

In the era of the internet, we are over flooded with information. Most of the information and news is negative. Early in the morning do not full of your mind with the negative information.

Better start your day by remembering God and with a positive belief.  Feel that today is going to be your best day. Thank God that today you are alive and seeing the world.

8.  Be in the company of Positive People

Try to be in the company of positive people. Few are there those start their day with a negative thought, let it be its neighbour, Government and everything. They find negativity in everything. You must avoid such types of people.

9.  Make God your Companion.

Feel that God is your companion. If God is with you no wrong can happen to you.

If God is with you no one can harm you.


(Reference: The effect of worry portion is influenced by the book of Louise L. Hay, Heal your Body)

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