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God loves each one of us. It is said that he is lucky who get the love of parents. He is blessed who get God’s love.


Whom does God Love?


God loves all. God is impartial. He loves all of his children. But few feel His love.

To receive God’s abundant love following conditions to be met by his children.


1.  Love God Unconditionally

There should not be any condition to love God.

If you love someone with a condition it becomes a business or a deal.


2. Love Only God and No one else


Will a husband allow his wife to love someone else?

Does a lover like that his loved one keep relation with other persons also?

Does a sibling want that other sibling to be loved by parents more than him?

So God also does not like that someone else to be loved more than Him.


But How to Love God?

First, make a relationship with God. Generally, these three relationships are Best.

  1. Treat God as your Father
  2. God as your Sadguru
  3. Treat God as your Teacher

And any other relationship.  Just try every relationship with God. Make Him your Child. Treat him as your child; take care of Him in every moment as you take care of your child.

Believe me, you will never feel lonely and frustrated in your life.

Just understand if God is with you who can be against you.


3.  Be the same from inside and outside


One should say what he believes from his mind.

Not like politicians who says something and does another thing. When you say something you must believe in that. If you expect good from others please practice doing good to others.

Do what you expect from others.


4. God Love who  is pure from inside and outside


The man who is pure from inside and outside loved by all and GOD.

We know that outside purity means taking bath daily.  There should not be the bad odour from the body and presenting our selves neatly else others will feel bad about us. The clothes may be old but they must be clean and neat. Just feel yourself when you wear old and torn cloth and when you wear new cloth.

Body and soul are attached to each other. So each action of your body affects your mind, soul and sanskar.

For purity of inside your food has a good role.  Pure vegetarian food has a good effect on your mind and soul. Non-vegetarian food is not good for your mind. It may cause depression and anger on you.


Choose Your Words


Never use words for others which make them angry. Using the words which make someone unhappy and reason for the disturbance.

He is lucky and happy who thinks for others happiness and well beings. He does not feel disturbed by other words, behaviour and action.

If he becomes angry by others words then he is not lucky or happy.

We need to say words which we would like to listen from others.  One becomes angry when his desires are not full filled.

A mother desires that her child be successful. She expects that the child should take care of her in her old age.

A person who has won his anger is happy, peaceful and loved by all.


Our Expectation Kills Happiness


Our expectations kill our happiness and peace of mind.

So we ourselves will not be disturbed for what so ever reason nor we will be the cause of other disturbance. We will make the least expectation from others and very little desires for anything.

A person who takes his success as a blessing of GOD and don’t be joyous and, not disturbed by his failure and who is happy on others success is great. He is loved by God.

Few are unhappy due to their own problems and few are unhappy due to others happiness and success.

Many have made their habits of becoming sorrow for what so ever the reason.


5. One who is impartial in his attitude and action


God is impartial. He never showered his blessing on the basis of religion or caste or place of residence. So God loves who is impartial in his every act.

Partiality on one’s behaviour on the basis of gender, colour, caste and creed is not good.

It is seen many times mothers favour boy over the girl child. This is not good at all. Partiality in any form is not good. Mothers do such because they feel the girl child will leave home after marriage and will not look after them when they become old. This is not liked by God.

All are unhappy due to different reason.

But who is light, do not expect from others and do good for others is loved by others and GOD.

Story: The Love of God

Once there was a sage.  One day after taking bath in a river he was moving towards his ashram. It was full of rain and he was enjoying the rain like a child. He was feeling hungry. On his way to ashram, he was crossing a sweet shop and saw the sweets are being prepared and the good smell of sweet was in the air.

There were many customers those were purchasing sweet and the sage just stopped before the sweet shop and felt urged to have sweets but he was not having any pocket nor any money with him. He started to cross the sweet shop but the owner of the sweet shop had seen the sage.

The owner called the sage and requested him to have some sweets from his shop as his presence in his shop will be auspicious for his shop and business. The sage happily agreed to have some sweets from his shop. He was offered hot milk and some best sweets from his shop.  Then he left the shop after thanking the GOD and giving a blessing to the shop owner.

He was so happy that in rain he had started hopping on rain. The sage was in a joyous mood and was talking to God and thanking Him for His love toward him. He was busy with himself.

Like a little boy, he was hopping in rain and kicking the stagnant rainwater. He did not notice that a married couple was coming behind him. Due to his hopping on rainwater, the muddy water splashed to the woman’s dress.

Women shouted,” Oh my God! My new costly dressed has become dirty and the mark will not go off”. Seeing dirty watermarks to his wife’s dress, the husband becomes furious.  He chased the sage and slapped him many times. The sage was bleeding due to a hard punch on his face.

The wife wanted to stop him but she could not do anything because the man was much powerful.

There were few men those were noticing this but the man was so angry that no one had the courage to stop him. The couple left for home and reached in a couple of minutes being nearby.

The sage did not say a single word in his defence. Asked apology for his mistake and left the place.

“Oh, God! You only know your play. When I was hungry you served me very nice sweet and now I am bleeding. God, if you have sanctioned it, I do also love it ”

The man still was very angry. He wanted to go upstairs to his home but he slipped being wet and slippery owing to rain. He just falls down and got an injury in his head, He was rushed to the hospital and declared brought dead.

Everybody was astonished that due to such small injury how one can die. Everybody felt that it was due to the curse of the sage man he got injured and died.

Few again got hold of the sage man and said,” How you become sage? When you do such spiritual ‘life how you can curse somebody for a small mistake”.


The sage repeatedly informed that he never curses to anybody even when he was treated badly. But no one agreed with him and felt that mishap happened due to curse of the sage.

The sage replied, “Just listen. Why the man slapped me. I have not done anything wrong to him. His dress was not spoiled”.

Each one replied that she was his wife and they are in very love, so husband did not do any wrong.

The sage,” Just think, he loved his wife so he has bitten me.”  God also loves me very well. It may God did not like that whom he loves should be bitten.




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