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Self Love

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We are all searching for love. We are in the lookout to find someone who can love us unconditionally.

Sometimes in our youth, we mistake our physical need as love.

My wife has a continuous complaint that I do not love her as much I used to do earlier. She seeks love from me but she does not love herself.

This is the case with all of us. We expect love from others but never loved ourselves. So, when we do not get continuous love from others we feel betrayed. Searching for love and not getting it makes us unhappy.



But the eternal truth is that the more I love myself, the less I need it from others.

Is anyone taught us to love ourselves? Probably not. We are taught to love others, how to make others happy. We are taught to appreciate others but hardly appreciate ourselves.

When we accomplish something or when a task is completed by us successfully, we wait for recognition by others. Still, hardly we say, Yes, I have achieved it.

We are taught to have high self-esteem, be self-confident. But not much about loving the self.

In a relationship, to experience the love we need to feel it from within.


Love, Peace And Happiness


Love, Peace, and happiness are the three things for which the world is dying to seek.

But the truth is that these three things are not outside nor we can feel it from outside till we rediscover the things from within.

We need to feel from within that I am peace, I love myself and I am happy. When we radiate the energy of love, peace, and happiness, we also receive the same from others. Our original nature is being peaceful, loving and happy.  That’s why we love to be loved, be at peace and be happy.

We all have felt that we have been loved by someone or others in different relationships and made us happy but it is sure that no one can love us continuously.  Sometimes we get it, sometimes don’t. So when we are not being loved we start arguing, quarrelling, demanding, begging and in return we get hurt, frustrated, angry and so on.


How to Love Self?

How I can love myself?

The answer is when-

  • I accept myself for Who I Am- not being judgemental
  • I treat my self with sweetness and not being hard on me
  • Taking care of myself
  • I appreciate myself for all that I am and I am doing and not criticize self
  • With a lot of care and gentleness, I teach myself, correct myself and not being mean and guilty
  • I respect for my special qualities, the strength I have, and for my uniqueness- not being down, comparing and jealous
  • I deal with myself with openness and trust- not being suppressed with stress, not being affected by social opinions and not having any fear within.
  • Being clear with myself with truthfulness and honesty and not being confused and thinking too much
  • I accept my weakness, acknowledging its presence and honestly and sincerely try to overcome it without feeling guilty.
  • I accept anger is present but I am not the anger, I am love.

When I start loving me, I radiate love and I automatically get love from others. All of my need and want for love disappear and I do no longer seed love but give love to all in the universe.

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